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    Is your question leading to the conclusion that because the team isn't performing at a high level in terms of wins, that the trust should be dissolved and control given to Bill and/or Beth Bowlen?

    If so, then my answer would be yes, I'm fine with the direction of the team because I don't believe ownership is the issue right now the way those on 104.3 The Fan think it is. If it were, the NFL would most certainly intervene and force the trusts' hands in selecting a new owner, which regardless of this legal maneuvering won't be Beth Bowlen unless something completely unbelievable happens. If Pat wanted Beth or Bill to be the owner, he wouldn't have set up the trust in the first place.
    Fair enough but IMO, the absence of a functioning owner could be responsible for this teams rapid decline. I for one am not happy with the direction of this team heading into its first back to back losing season since 1972.

    The argument Bill and Beth are attempting to make the is that Pat wasnt in the right frame of mind when he signed the team over to the trust being that certain medical records state that Pat was diagnosed more than 10 years prior. However I’m not sure how much these medical files can be made public.

    I’d like to know where John stands in all of this. Last I heard was that he and Ellis were not even on speaking terms. Yes I know many of you hate that I make that statement but the fact is that It was put out there and then disappeared. Many say it disappeared because it was a farce but others say it disappeared out of fear of losing access to team headquarters. Who knows for sure but this thing could get ugly or it become a failed attempt for Beth gaining control in order to make a sale and reap the benefits!
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