Too often I have been to funerals, or saw an article, or heard a story....about someone who passed away far too young. We see pictures of a beautiful soul, with a happy smile, looking every bit the part of a person who loved life, and expected to live a long life.

And those who knew that person very closely raved about the joy they brought to everyone, and the love and goodness that radiated from their very being.

I am not here to explain to you that we should be more attentive to those folks that matter to us, rather I hope we all take a little more time to honour our loved ones, and even those who we may not know quite as intimately.....because when they are gone it is really too late. And though many of us believe that we will meet again, why not show that person, and those people, what they really mean to us....and know that we may lose them but with no regrets.

Yes, we will miss some folks in the most painful way, but it does matter that they knew what we felt....every single day that they were with us.