Hey Broncomaniacs,

Hope all enjoyed Halloween. Now it is back to a different kind of fright. The Broncos. Where you keep hoping for a treat, but keep on ending up tricked. The real horror is that we have 8 more games to go.... BOO!

The first of those eight is the 3-5 Broncos taking on the 5-3 Texans. The Team that wanted Demaryius Thomas vs the one that didn't. We must face a defense with Clowney, Watt and Mercillus. The 3-5 record is already a sign of no Mercy. The Texans have been ona roll winning their last 5 games. They look to make it six against the Denver Browcos!

Still Denver isn't done yet, they have 24 sacks so far this years, that's tied for 2nd. Chubb has been more of a force as of late. Run game is still good. Sutton has come on strong and now we have a chance at a Sua Cravens sighting.

The Browns got rid of Hue Jackson, so should we fail to win before our bye week, it could be time to maybe cut our loss with our current coach.
At this point he is not going to turn the season around. It is a rinse and report of last year. You could say of the five losses, three were to KC and the Rams in close games. Yup but they were still losses, and we looked Horrible vs Baltimore and the Jets. It's all bad right now.

This team has been close, frustratingly close, but no cigar. Maybe the rise of Sutton helps. Chub, Lindsay and Royce have been nice surprises. The Vets not so much. I'll miss Dt. I liked hom as a player, but something around the time his mom was paroled, his focus went elsewhere. He got the yips and never fully recorded. You'd get a flash now and then, but it wasn't the same. Hopefully Sanders/Sutton proves to be a great 1/2 punch. Hamilton I hope is an up and comer as well.

O-line is still horrible. I'll put the over on Bolles at two holds called against him. I'll give the refs three blown calls as well. Don't remember a season where they threw so many ticky tak flags against us, yet missed obvious calls and fouls by our opponents. All I can do is try to enjoy the remaining games we play and hope they can pull out a few wins. Of course at this point each of those wins could cost us value in a draft pick. At this point I think the Giants, Raiders and AZ are gonna battle it out for the top spot, with the Bills and Browns battling Denver for a top 5 pick.

Past history. So in Week 9 tilts, how do we do? A mediocre 6-4. Of the 6 wins, one was at home, five were on the road. The four losses were a split 2 home, two away. Which means the NFL likes us on the road mostly in week 9. So of course we are at home.

Again (I keep saying that, I know) please hang in here with the team. We know the season hasn't gone the way we hoped, but they are trying. As with each week we ask you follow the COC. Scream at the TV if you must, but avoid attacking other posters you may disagree with. If you need to reach out to one of our fantastic mods. I hope for a win and an injury free game, win or lose we still have games to go. So sit back, watch and "Go Broncos!"