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    Quote Originally Posted by dizzolve View Post
    Counseling on damage control maybe
    He needs a lot of help right now, and counselling would be an obvious need. But yes, he needs all kinds of support, including a serious amount of public relations training, in order to prevent him from making matters worse.

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    Signed by the Browns today. Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt, and Baker Mayfield. Could be good for a long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bronco51 View Post
    Signed by the Browns today. Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt, and Baker Mayfield. Could be good for a long time.
    They’re still the Browns.
    Negs are Cowardly Acts of Nonsense. I won’t Back Down.

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    They will have him for 10 game likely ? Good move by them

    Adopted Broncos: Garett Bolles

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    Quote Originally Posted by L.M. View Post
    I tend to agree with most of what you've written and the general stance on this guy, but I'd like to offer my insight on the bolded.

    Firstly, a mistake can simply be a wrong choice --we've all made conscious and incorrect decisions which in hindsight were mistakes, and it doesn't necessarily imply anything more beyond that fact.

    However, in this case I don't think Kareem's in conscious control of himself, and that's fairly typical of rage issues. To begin with, when a person loses their temper, they are engaging the more primitive, reactive lower brain instead of the higher reasoning centers, and he was likely drinking with his friends there to further impair judgement and lower inhibitions. Alcohol and anger issues are a bad combo which get a lot of folks in trouble and very often lead to violence!

    He's in a pattern, and that belies a subconscious issue.

    I find that most anger problems are sourced to childhood, the person being mentally and physically abused by parents, siblings, peers, and sometimes even teachers. The feelings of violation and rage about it are collected and stored in the subconscious mind which generates automatic responses. Then the slightest provocation opens old unresolved anger producing a reaction which is out of all proportion to the offense, e.g.. someone calls him a name so he wants to physically destroy that person! This is especially so if primary role models during formative youth were violent toward the person or others and this also becomes stored in the subconscious as the learned method to cope with anger --acting out physically against others.

    I would recommend that he receive some cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnotherapy (to deal with the angry child and false programming directly), and anger management classes to learn self-control techniques with group support.

    The League should sponsor such programs and send troubled players there for mandatory rehabilitation.
    I've been watching a fair amount of First things First and Cris Carter has been fairly honest and outspoken about his personal struggles with addiction and overcoming it. In fact he doesn't even use the terms overcoming often but he refers to it as a personal choice to be sober. At some point I think overall maturity and ownership of the issue needs to occur. If that does not happen then I do not think ANY form of rehab will work for Kareem. I also think that there is a part of him which believes that he is channeling his inner anger and plays football accordingly. If that gets "clipped" or removes from his mental makeup I'd imagine he'd be very concerned that he'd no longer be the same player.

    What I think is most important all of your comments factored in - he needs to be able to look back at himself and own his mistakes. Right now I do not see ANY of that. unconscious or conscious I've seen ZERO actual ownership. In fact he has seemingly repeatedly put himself in situations where he in in the wrong situations. At some point this young man needs to realize that he is not just a 'normal' guy anymore. People will intentionally try and push his buttons and will try and step-up to him just because of who he is.

    I do hope that in the VERY near future he can find a balance in his life and find a way to play and channel his anger on the field but react and behave with maturity off the field. I fear that if he doesn't then he will end up in a similar position to Aaron Hernandez.

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