Hey Broncomaniacs,

This is one of the few times where I can do a thread with the Broncos coming off back to back wins.
The last time I did one the Broncos got killed in the next game, which was a 1PM start for an away game vs a AFC North team.

So this week what do we have a 1PM start in an away game vs a AFC North team. Man do I dislike these early starts. Even the Jets beat us upside the head. Hopefully the Bengals bungle it away and we extend the streak to three.

So Andy Dalton is out, which may be a good thing or not. AJ Green will be back to try and test our secondary. Green is most dangerous in the slot where they target him almost 33% of the time when he lines up there. Jeff Driskel will be starting, so how do you prepare for a QB you have almost no tape on? He didn't look too bad in the small sample size he played last week. Very quick to fire it and almost no hesitation to put the ball in a tight place. He is a mobile QB and gets the ball out in under 2.3 seconds. Cincy also has Tyler boyd who is a big time mover of chains for them.

Denver cannot rest on the two wins we had. WE played well enough to win, but there was luck involved. Rivers stopping the clock, Conner fumbling and Ben throwing the awful intercepted pass to end the game. Denver put themselves into place to win the game. Denver though also puts themselves in place to lose games like we did vs Houston.

We need to play well. We need to play smart. Just because we are paying Case does not mean we need him to throw 40 times. We have one of the best rush games in the league. Use the rush to set up the pass. Lindsay and Royce are play makers, let them be that. We just need Case to play within his means. We need the D to make plays like they have and get turnovers.

Driskel being new is going to have a lot of looks he has not seen before. The Denver D has speed, if we can get him to hesitate some we can get pressure. If we don't , our secondary has a recent history of giving up big chunks of yards. Rivers had 401 yards, Big Ben 462.
Case has 402 yards if you combine both of those games together.

So how do we do in the 12th game of the season.... Um surprisingly we are 8-2. Which is a weird stat because over the last decade, The NFL has sent us on the road 9 times. We have 1 home win Of the 9 road games we went 7-2. Most recent loss being to the Dolphins last year. An enigmatic stat for a enigmatic team.

Hopefully this team is focusing on football and not the playoffs. You need to handle the business in front of you. As Von said, "We're on to Cincy." Let's go there and let them know we are there to play football and kick butt. Hopefully we get win. Cincy games are always a weird affair. I would love to see us even out the record at 6-6.

I know a lot is on the line, but as usual I again ask you follow the COC. Let the Mods do their job and report anyone who is causing issues. Thank you for all you do and being awesome posters who keep this place going season after season. Let's stay healthy and Hope we can enjoy the game and have a shot at the "W" As always, "Go Broncos"