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    Future future future. I appreciate Miller but ask yourself. Would we win soon? I don't think we will so move von similar like Thomas so he can maybe get a ring with someone. Also you're setting yourself up with future young stars and a new regime. Now the scary aspect to all of thst would be Elway would need to hit on his picks.

    If we will rebuild we might as well full rebuild and start from scratch. I would think maybe trading von this year set us up next year to get the best QB of 2020. Again it's no disrespect to Miller but we at some point have to say let's scrap it and establish an identity. Build through the draft. Yes we won't be as great but you get a QB and slowly but surely we get right back in the game.

    Maybe Miller can go and be on a new team where he has a chance to win. Him and Harris should it come to that. Elway can't miss on his next QB if he does than Elways seat gets really hot. He needs a good coach and a good QB this time no more excuses. Especially if he does trade Miller.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Rod- View Post
    Two 1st-round picks. Same value as the Khalil Mack trade. Miller is two years older but has a lower contract, more productive as a pass rusher, Super Bowl MVP. I don't agree with trading Von Miller. If it's not for two 1st-round picks, it's not even worth starting the conversation, unless we're talking about a QB like Carson Wentz or Aaron Rodgers involved in the deal. You will add two 1st-round players to your roster and none of them will be as good as Von Miller, probably a Bradley Roby and a Shane Ray.
    Pure fantasy. No team will give 2 1sts for a speed edge rusher - even one as good as future HOF guy like Von. I'm not wanting to trade Von and I'm not slamming him either. He's a great player and has several more years as a great player. But he is not as disruptive (today) as Mack and most would argue that Mack's deal was too sweet for the Raiders. The Bears obviously felt they had to get that power rusher to get them able to compete with GB and Minn. Today it looks like it worked. In a couple years we'll see how it worked out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Houshmazode View Post
    Elway and Von could both perform better.
    LOL. Elway, Von, ALL the COACHES, all the PLAYERS! Elway knows what he is doing. Von is now the undisputed leader of this team. By calling him out, which is the coaches job, but VJ was not a coach, Elway is using this as a Motivation tool.
    oh YEAH?

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    Because of his signing bonus and retructure we would take a huge cap hit to trade Von.....this may increase his trade value as the team that gets him would incur cap hits of 17.5 mil to 18 mil a year.
    Vic Fangio "Von Miller can play better than he has ever played in his career"
    Preventing Death by Inches

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    I think Elway was basically saying if somebody would drop the right deal on his lap, he would trade Von. That deal would have to be Brady/Rodgers/Luck level. For those of you bringing up Matt Stafford, not sure what you are all thinking, he isn't a top 10 QB.

    And for those of you who say two first round draft picks. The way Elway has drafted QBs, I rather keep Von.

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    Looks like Mama Miller is getting involved:

    I would trade him just for her saying this! 😂😂😂

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    Kalil Mack had 5 tackles, one for loss, in the Eagles-Bears game. Mack is a great rusher and he has the size to bull rush as well as speed rush. But in this playoff game he was not THAT big a factor. He was a factor. He makes their defense better. In fact, he along with their other Defensive stars had the #1 scoring defense in the league. And, they lost. The day before we saw the number 1 defense in the league, LOSE.
    Maybe it's a fluke year, but teams must have that QB and offensive mind to manufacture a score in order to win. Having a good to great defense is a huge asset but it is nearly irrelevant if you don't have a capable QB and offense.
    I love Von and he is terrific, and will be terrific, I think, for at least 3 more years. That said, if a good offer comes along, we need to be willing to take it if it can give us a better offense and closer to that QB.

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