For an organisation as proud and successful as the Broncos, our ability to draft quarterbacks has to say the least been underwhelming. There is a lot of noise from people that cannot get rid of Keenum fast enough and the same has been true for every QB that has played for us not named Elway or Manning. We seem to have our success tied to QB's drafted #1 overall by the Colts, but are we waiting for Andrew Luck to break so much down physically that Colts will let go of him?

Woody wrote a great piece last offseason mentioning the 42 QBs Broncos have drafted, and the fact that only one of those has taken the team to the playoffs and won there.

The Broncos always have been awful at drafting quarterbacks in the first, second, third, fourth rounds – and beyond.

The franchise has had a remarkable run with Morton, Elway, Plummer and Manning. All four had winning records and combined for 38 playoff games, 10 AFC Championship games and eight Super Bowls (three triumphs).

Morton was 34 when he joined the Broncos, and Manning was 36 in his first season in Denver. Elway was 23, and Plummer was 28.
How will we find the QB of the future, and do we actually trust anyone in the organization to find him?

As Woody writes "Since 1992, the Broncos have drafted five quarterbacks in the first two rounds. Only one has been a starter in post-season games with Denver. And, after one playoff victory one loss in 2011, Tim Tebow was jettisoned to the Jets the next season.

The other four were Tommy Maddox (’92), Jay Cutler (’06), Brock Osweiler (’12) and Paxton Lynch (’16). In fact, of the 42 quarterbacks drafted by the Broncos in 58 previous years, only one other than Tebow ever played in a post-season game. Gary Kubiak, selected in the eighth round in 1983, appeared in 11 playoff games as a backup to John Elway."

What should we learn from the draft of Tommy Maddox (’92), Jay Cutler (’06) and Paxton Lynch (’16) and why they failed to have any success. What was it with Griese, Orton, Siemian and Keenum that defines, why we never surpassed bad to mediocre with them?

What should we learn from the history and how do we stop repeating the failures?