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Thread: Starting Fresh

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    Starting Fresh

    Everyone agrees we need a new QB and we're all hopeful that Scangarello can work some Kyle Shanahan magic and turn things around on offense. I believe this is the perfect time for a full-on makeover on offense. New OC, new O-line coach, and probably new QB.

    Given this, why not go for Kyler Murray at #10. Yes he is short and slight, but the possible upside is ridiculous. He could come in and light up the "New style" league for a decade. Isn't everything moving towards wide open offense (despite the showing at the superbowl that DEFENSE actually does still matter and we look SMART for hiring Fangio).

    Scangarello can come up with his exciting new offense built around KM, and Murray can lead the way into a new era of offensive football. We can call it the midget offense with him and Lindsay in the backfield. Try defending the read-option with those two! Even if Murray falters, if he can improve slightly over our recent offensive ineptitude, then combined with Fangio's defense we should win a few more games. If he fully develops into a scary offense, the we can legimately compete for superbowls once again.

    I see this as the opportune time to go out on a limb and make a risky play for Kyler Murray. Build the offense around him and let's get back to being champs!

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    Great lol another Kyle Murray thread 🧵 LoL ...No Thank You!!

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    Just read an acticle today that mentioned Murray being closer to 59 - 180 lbs...LOL.
    You cannot play QB in the NFL for long at that size.

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    There's already a Kyler Murray thread, I'll direct everyone there to discuss the merits of Murray.

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