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This training camp and pre-season will make things interesting if Lock looks good. Remember the infatuation with Chad Kelly last year? Lock is way better than him. If Flacco struggles early in the regular season and Lock was impressive in pre-season, it wont be long until we start hearing Lock chants at the stadium especially if the Broncos aren't winning right away.

As soon as the Broncos aren't winning, the pressure on Flacco will be immense. The only way he keeps his job is if he is an MVP candidate or the Broncos are running away with the division (or if Fangio is too stubborn to make a change, which very well might happen). I don't see an MVP for Flacco or a 12-4 season happening in my crystal ball.

I personally want Lock in there sooner rather than later, but understand it might be best for his development if he learns for awhile instead of being thrown to the wolves. I view Flacco as a half-season placeholder keeping the seat warm for the heir apparent.
I was a Chad Kelly fan...only because I saw the Sports Science show.....then he showed some competitiveness.....Problem is....he showed that against 3rd stringers....same as Sloter. Then he got promoted to 2nd string and he was ...in my opinion, average. I still wanted him inserted after Keenum proved he wasn't the answer.....then the infamous Halloween party occurred and well.....we all know what transpired after that. I banged the table for Lock.....we got him....but I also said he needed a FULL year to sit the bench. I'm afraid though.....if Lock is 3rd string....he's gonna show well, and the calls will come from the fans.....soon as Flacco has a few bad half's. I'm not foolish.....Flacco will have a few bad half's....but let him play though it.....and if need be,,,,insert Grayson to maybe salvage a game. But let's let this play out with developing Locks footwork , if he's inserted too early and hasn't corrected his issues....they'll just become too much of a habit and he'll never reach his full potential. I for one think the team is set up for success this year and many years ahead. Go Broncos !! Cannot wait for the season !!