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Papa, what games of Flacco did you actually watch and break down ? I have asked you before only to be ignored, and then watched you post statistic after statistic to push your point across. Did you watch Joe play last season or not ? If so, what games ? I watched every snap he played, and although I wont sit here and say he is a franchise quarterback who will take us to the Superbowl, he is a lot better than Keenum. If you did watch the games last season that Flacco played in, you would of at least seen that he does 3 things as a quarterback that have been 3 of our biggest problem areas for a few years now.

1: Joe is at least willing to stand in the pocket, to climb the pocket, all while keeping his eyes down field when bodies are falling around him. Obviously Joe isn't a running threat, but Keenum and Siemian were far too quick to loop out the back of the pocket at the first sight of pressure and kill any chance of the play developing, Joe will stand in there.

2: Joe has the arm strength to hit those outside areas of the defense. Keenum a year ago, and Siemian a few years earlier, they just didn't have the arm to threaten all areas of the defense, and that allowed teams to play us very aggressive and take away the short throws, they didn't fear either of them. Joe can get the balls to places our quarterbacks recently haven't been able to.

3: Joe trusts what he sees and is at least willing to pull the trigger. I hated watching Keenum and Siemian hold the ball, loop out the back of the pocket and leave plays on the field because of their refusal to throw it. Joe can't run, he knows to move the ball he has to throw it, so he won't hesitate to give his guys chances through the air, and I am sure we will benefit from that.

Anyway, you are so far one sided on this you just look incredibly biased. When Drew Lock missed passes, you said "he was close, imagine the stat line if he hit them". But, when Flacco does the same, it's, "look he is inaccurate and always has been". I don't care if ones a rookie or not, that right there exposes the subjectivity in your very clearly lopsided love/hate for certain guys you are discussing. To be fair, you wanted Lock in the top 5, so you obviously fell in love with some of those highlight videos which showed about 10% of the full story with him, it's understandable.
I didn't get a response from Papa on this, but I think these 3 points I mentioned were all highlighted in the short amount of playing time that Joe had against Seattle. The play where Joe hung in the pocket for ages, stood tall, shuffled up, and found the man late to complete the first down was a legitimate great play by him, that was point one I made. The deep ball to the outside to Sanders which Bolles ruined, that highlighted the arm strength he has and how he can hit all areas of the defense, that was point number two. And then the anticipation throw down the middle to Sutton was a thing of beauty. The trust you have to have in yourself to make that play, the trust you have to have in your arm, and the trust you have to have in your wideout on that play, all needs to be high, and Joe brings that confidence to the offense. I think Joe is going to have a really solid year.