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    Selling Online

    With our recent home sale we have never experienced online selling to such an amazing degree. When you right size a bit, or upgrade, or just have a need to get rid of furniture and goods, quickly, online selling works pretty nicely. So we started out with the usual sites, with success.

    Then we were told to try Facebook Marketplace, to which my wife was pretty much intimidated with the almost overwhelming response rate! She could not keep up with some, given the explosion of interest, and then trying to formalize with prospective buyers, who sometimes seemed to forget whatever deal they were interested in. How is it that so many want something so badly, and then basically disappear....or keep changing their schedule?? I have a hunch that some are not there for the right purpose, or are so spontaneous that the fire can go out as quickly as it started! And it makes me laugh that some wanted us to deliver!

    But wow, so fast these days! Unlike many folks, we hardly ever sell stuff. But these past months proved very interesting, and gave us a true sense of why the art of bargaining is part of our DNA. Well, pretty much everyone's.

    Truth is, almost every person we sold to was friendly, trustworthy, and knew how to close a transaction. I enjoyed talking to most of them, and did not mind helping them lift things to their vehicles. Then again, some of the folks are much stronger than they look! And probably the most impressive person we sold to was a female nurse, who was helping relatives move, along with getting some cheaper furniture for them. Now, this is not about a male/female thing, but I just wanted to mention to best describe. She came and quickly assessed the suitability of the couch/other furniture (to confirm what she saw in pics), made sure (for us) that the financial transaction went thru online, then directed (several of us)/helped carry the large, heavy couch up 2 sets of stairs without touching a wall. And then secured everything in their pickup truck like she did it for a living.

    I witnessed stronger folks who came to purchase, and some who were as organized, but she was the most amazing of the bunch, given her leadership/strength/moving expertise. And the good news, had any of us got hurt in the process, she could have attended to our medical needs!!

    Anyway....long live the entrepreneurial spirit, via online buying/selling. Works like a least, so far for us. I am sure there are some horror stories to relate, but luckily we have none to tell in that regard.
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