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Thread: Season Concerns

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    Season Concerns

    Been a fan for sooooo long and I am definitely concerned with our TE and Slot Receiver positions and the recreation of our No Fly Zone. Looking at other very successful teams, they all have a solid go to in a clinch TE. We really haven't had that since Sharpe. Or a quick reliable slot receiver to help with that QB pressure. Danny was just released from the Dolphins and I think he'd be a good fit, we all seen what he did in New England. What do you think. Then there is our no fly zone...we've dismantled it over the past few years and this year got even worse and now we released Stewart. Were are the replacements coming from? I don't see it happening with the rookie class. Think we need some solid veterans back there but don't see us doing much in Free Agency...Why not? There are several great Safeties and Corners on the Free Agent Market right now. What do you think? Last but not least. Joe is not going to be successful without a solid "O" Line, which we've lacked the past few years. Need to be beef that line up Broncos fans.

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    A nice rundown and grading of John Elway's philosophy of "under the radar" "bargains" in Free Agency.

    Elway has certainly had his misses, as all GMs have.

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