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I’m glad that the Steelers are honoring the contract and still paying him even if I wonder if they still would have honored it had Bell and Brown not put a microscope on how they structure their deals.

I don’t have any ill will towards Shazier and I’m glad that he defying the odds in his recovery. I just don’t think he should be in the NFL with how he tackles.


The injury Shazier suffered could have easily been Bernard on this hit, it could’ve been even worse. When Shazier did get hurt he led with the crown of his helmet again, he just hit a lower portion of the body which had less give than Bernard’s head in the above clip.
That contract is for him to play football for them, he is still getting paid that money even though he is not playing or really doing anything for them. I think the Steelers had to do it or they would have looked very bad, but he is a very lucky boy and if the Steelers cut him I wouldn't think they had done him a disservice or it was not honorable.