1. Quinnen Williams- Ok, pipe dream. I know. Still, imagine this monster combined with Miller, Chubb, and our revamped secondary.

2. Dwayne Haskins- Probably another pipe dream. Somewhat raw, but tremendous upside and skills. I do worry about his lack of athleticism, though.

3. Devin White- I'm drinking the kool aid. Yes, I've heard concerns about his ability to read plays, but my goodness the sheer talent is undeniable. I'd love for Fangio to get his hands on this guy.

4. Drew Lock- Physically, he checks off a lot of boxes. Can his game translate to the NFL? If so, look out. I know many are split on him.

5. Chris Lindstrom- If we trade down, he could be a target. Solid OG prospect.

6. T.J. Hockenson- Another solid choice if we trade down. Best TE prospect in the draft.

7. Christian Wilkins- Want to beef up the D line? Here ya go.