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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAsianPA View Post
    QB, easily. top 5 of his position means you always have a chance at playoffs or more
    Exactly. QB. No question.
    And yes it is a scheme problem.
    Adopted player Lindsey

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    Quote Originally Posted by colowoz View Post
    Outside of a QB, I believe a sound foundation is key in any building project. Therefore I would like point to denver's O'line (when Elway was the QB) they were a unit in sync, did not talk to the media, never looked for a pat on the back. Proved what they could do on the field.
    Maybe a reason for all our Thousand yard running backs, altho many believe Shanny was a running back guru (This was not the case). A foundation that crumbles and all around it cal fall.
    Second all of that. There's a great center available and that would be my pick.

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