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    First Crack at a Mock Draft

    1st: TJ Hockenson TE Iowa- The thought of a TE at 10 took me a long time to get my head around. Hockenson is the perfect fit for what we want to do on offense. Helps in the run game, and gives us a weapon Ds have to account for. Something weve been missing for 5-6 years.

    2nd: Hakeem Butler WR Iowa State- Football has become a game of mismatches. There is not many 65 1/2 WRs out there. But on top of that I love the flexibility it gives our offense. ES can play outside and inside now. We have 2 very big WRs on the outside who routinely win jump balls, and are monsters YAC. Coupled with Hock. Our 11 personal will be a nightmare to matchup with. We can finally start attacking Defenses.

    3rd: Khalen Saunders DT Western Illinois- MLB is still a big weakness. We missed out White and Bush. The best way to help improve our current LBs is to keep them clean. Saunders is a very big, but very mobile Big fella. Can be a great clog for us.

    4th: Julian Love CB Notre Dame- Although our secondary has been retooled. We arent deep at CB. Love is a heck of a football player and is great value here. Hopefully can play inside/outside/ special teams, and be that Swiss Army knife as injuries undoubtedly occur.

    5th: Blake Cashman MLB Minnesota- A very Jewell like prospect. Athletically not going to blow you away. Always around the ball, very headsy, and productive.

    5th: Trysten Hill DE UCF- A lot of people see him as a DT. I see him as a perfect DE for us. May need to lose 10-15 Lbs but the athletic ability and the tape suggest this could be a great 5th round pick.

    6th: Phil Haynes G Wake Forest- Oline while improved still has question marks. Drafting a guard and tackle late and hoping we hit something is what I would like to see us do.

    7th: Donnell Greene T Minnesota- Think there is enough movement skill here to go along with the size to give him a shot.

    Obviously a big void at Qb still. We might be stuck with Flacco for 2 years. I dont love the Qb class, instead of drafting one to draft one would rather wait till we find a guy we love and trade all in to go get him.

    In the meantime we make our offense very hard to defend so when we find our QB he has the tools around him to be successful.

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    Good draft if they are all available where you projected them. We have needed a good TE for a while. Thanks for posting this mock.

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