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now all they have to do is do away with the spot foul concept and make it 15 yards and 1st down.
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So rather than give you an 80 yd touchdown, I can just foul you and you will get a 15 yd play. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Makes no sense. That is penalizing the non fouling team rather than the fouling team. CBs will be doing it left and right and I don't want to watch this brand of football. Liable to lessen the amount of long passes when many of them will only net you 15 yds and they are getting your best receivers mugged on a regular basis.

Although, I bet Roby would love it
Fully agree with FL here. If it becomes a 15 yard penalty players will just tackle receivers before the ball is there whenever they're beat deep. Why not? It's only 15 yards, not a long penalty.