LOS ANGELES Michael Irvin is hoping for a Hail Mary.

a Hail Mary.

Worried he may have throat cancer, the former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver underwent a biopsy.

He is asking for prayers while he awaits the results.

"I am asking all who will. Could you please send up a prayer to help my family and I deal with whatever the results may be? Thanks for your thoughts and prayers in advance????????," Irvin said.

Irvin posted a photo of himself in a hospital bed in Los Angeles on Instagram.

He lost his voice when the Cowboys beat the New Orleans Saints in November.

"The problem persisted for almost two months," Irvin said. "After visiting some of the best throat doctors, they thought it to be wise to take a deeper look at the situation."

His father was 51-years-old when he died from throat cancer.

"I AM TERRIFIED!!" Irvin said.

Irvin played with the Cowboys from 1988-1999.