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I get the feeling that Haskins has one of the lowest ceilings of any QB in the entire draft. Like he can play day 1 but he will never look like a top 10 Qb
Haskins is a one year starter who put up good tape, was more consistent than any other quarterback in this class, and has the arm talent to be elite. For a guy who doesn't have much experience, and constantly has his lack of experience used as a negative point against him , I tend to think the opposite to you here.

To be as mature of a quarterback as he was in year 1 starting, accomplishing what he accomplished at Ohio State, I would say he has more room for growth than say a Drew Lock, who has been consistently inconsistent in his much larger body of work.

If we are charting there progress against each other at this point of their respective careers, Lock is on a much slower incline of improvement than Haskins is in his short time playing.