(To the Mods - hoping not to merge with other threads, given this topic has some uniqueness, with a slightly different perspective about the two sides of the pos/neg spectrum. Thx!)

We bought a vehicle recently, and it has a mirror that can be flipped to provide a full camera view of traffic behind us. When in that mode, it is not a mirror as such, but an unobstructed camera at the rear end of our SUV. When I think of positive vs negative thinking, this new technology came to mind.

I was having a very positive day yesterday, and it seemed like everything was better, just like most every other day that had that same vibe. It's like I flipped from ordinary mirror mode, to full camera view. Not that the mirror mode is negative, but I am using it as a perspective for consideration. The premise being, I almost feel like we are 2 different people when we choose to go positive or negative. That most things become clearer in a good way, when we lock our minds into that mode.....whereas allowing ourselves to be in a negative mode taints all the other good stuff surrounding us. Two distinctly different visuals....and two distinctly different outcomes.

In fact, I am now thinking that the two can not exist together, without a huge trade off. There is not really a pos/neg combined mode that has any real merit....and I wonder if in that case, the neg mode takes precedence. If so, that makes me even more sure that one must focus on positivity and all the good it brings, rather than taking a chance, and allowing darker thoughts to sneak in at any point in time. Almost like an unwanted guest.

Remember, we have choices. And though some of us have difficulty restraining negative thoughts, I believe we can gradually train ourselves to be natural hunters of the "silver lining". Because if there is some sort of switch involved, the overwhelming winner is you, if you adapt to your better self.

Nothing new, but there are positivity "enablers" from my perspective. Hang with positive people for one. And whenever given the choice, choose the pos switch. I find that negativity is easily found if one looks for it.....there are an abundance of negative people around. And just as I say that hanging with pos people is good, why not steer clear of negative ones. They may of course be around you in places like work or school or wherever, but limit your time with them, politely if need be. Smile, say something good, and walk away. Go sit with the motivating types.

Lets also be clear of another key point,,,,,being positive is not about being phony. It is a very wise lifestyle choice, and it just makes things better. If that's phony, I'm good with the description!!

Last point I want to add....though I hope (for us all) to achieve 100% positivity, I do admit that a wee bit of negative can come and go in tandem, which is certainly realistic. This not about perfection, rather reality combined with good choices.

Turn on that powerful switch.....feel the rewards!