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    I agree with all that but also I think Hockey is quite possibly the toughest sport to score in. And a lot of times goals can be had on luck or a perfect deflection at the right time.

    So often a team can completely dominate a game for 60 minutes but if they are unsuccessful solving that goaltender they can still come away in a loss.

    In Basketball there is no such thing as the #1 seed playing their A game and losing. But it can happen in hockey. Sometimes all the under dog has to do is play great D and get a stalemate and once it gets to Ot all you need is that one opportunistic play to steal a game that you may have been outshot and outchecked by nearly double in. It’s obviously not the strategy you recommend over the course of a series but it can be done.

    I don’t have stats but I don’t believe an 8 seed has won an NBA series in over a decade. NHL seems to have it done very 2-3 years if not more often.
    I think we are saying the same thing. Luck can happen of course, but things that I constantly refer to in the playoffs are discipline (as in hard work, playing the game you are expected to play, and being smart enough to stay out of the penalty box), opportunism (score when you get the good chances, play 2 way hockey for a full 60 minutes, and be adept at countering their O with your own), and goaltending...because you can not win The Cup without good goaltending. Within those factors, there is a case for having more talent of course, and it never hurts to get a break or two, but you make your breaks more often than not. But yes, it is imperative to get a lead, and hopefully at least a 2 goal lead, because luck can happen, as can one great shot, or deke, or whatever. For that matter, you never want to go to OT, unless you were behind the whole game.

    As for the is so demanding that it has happened many times where top level teams partially burn out by the playoffs. There needs to be some pace as the season ends...unless of course you are in a fight to even get in. And no doubt, there is a case for being in a fight near the end, because you are then primed for the playoffs. But the playoffs can be like a new season altogether, and by that time of year, so many are worn a bit, and injured to a degree. There is some sense to resting players as much as can be hoped, prior to the regular season ending. Playing over 100 games in a year can be very taxing.
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