Alright let me kick off this thread about all things NHL playoffs (so I quit bothering the Avalanche fans by posting about their opponent in the Avalanche thread) with my first round picks.

Tampa over Columbus in 7, Bobrovsky keeps it closer than many expect
Boston over Toronto in 5, the Leaves aren't that good
Washington over Carolina in 4, lost in the storm surge excitement is that they're just not in the same class
Islanders over Pittsburgh in 7, defence wins

Dallas over Nashville in 7, Dallas is ready for a Nashville in 16-17 type run
St Louis over Winnipeg in 6, the Jets have been poor in the last half of the season
Calgary over Colorado in 5, sorry Colorado fans, Calgary is a deep deep team, if they get goaltending they might play into June, if they don't this could be the opposite
Vegas over San Jose in 5, gut feeling, San Jose just doesn't have it