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    Quote Originally Posted by Joshua2585 View Post
    Definitely good for him! Hopefully he can get his stuff together and have a little late-career renaissance with them.
    Think about what you said here. If he has a renaissance Brady and the Pats would benefit from it. That would be awful. I hope the worst for him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by broncoslover115 View Post
    The Boston sports media think this is a dumb move. They believe he is cooked, they have been calling him soft, and have been talking non stop about his dropsies. They don't believe he will play more than a few games, if any, due to his injury.

    We shall see.
    I think that if he plays like he has for the last few seasons, he will not last more than one season....if that. A drop here, a "boo-boo" there, and BB will soon grow tired of his game. Sure, most players play a bit better when they become part of a new team, especially a team like the pats, but that is like an adrenaline episode. it is good for a short while, but is not maintained. You are who you are. DT was a top tier WR....was.

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