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Hitting on a 4th round or lower qb is extremely low odds. Basically no point in doing it at that stage.

Round 3 isnít super high odds but you can still find much more capable starters there. Personally I donít want stidham at all because Iím an Auburn fan and i think he lacks the confidence to play in the NFL. But I wouldnít be opposed to Finley in the third.

IF you want a legit option to replace Flacco in the next year or 2 it probably needs to be addressed in the top 3 rounds. Not on a career backup in a later round. By round 3 you could also get easier justify that the qb is bpa over other guys rather than drafting for need.

Elway May agree with you and go for more immediate impact guys. But I feel like heíll address the position in the first three rounds.
I'm with ya. It is not a simple exercise of, sign a vet, then find our QB of the future mid round, and just wait for it all to work out. If you believe you need a QB, the most important position in the game, and some say in all of sports, you show respect for the position by going for a highly ranked one....not someone in the middle or lower. Even a 2nd or 3rd is a fairly high risk, if you truly believe he is the succession plan. Again, this is one of the most important positions in all of sports. Treat it that way. Don't sulk in the corner thinking about all the good players you could select....just get your priorities aligned, and do what you need to do.

Now....I do not mean that you should reach too far. You must be convinced that this player will progress into a good starter. BUT....if you do believe he will....you may reach a bit. That's a deal I make.