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    Quote Originally Posted by DenverBlood View Post
    So the only link Iíve seen is reddit. Thatís our official news source now?
    When I posted the link it was a leaked schedule. It wasnít official at the time. Thatís why there werenít other links yet.

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    I still do not get why everyone on here is scared lol when Denver had a real easy schedule last year Denver finished 6-10. New Coach New QB a much better Defense still the Draft upcoming Denver will be the Playoffs this year for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam_Z View Post
    Weíll get to see what the Elway/Flacco marriage is made of pretty early!
    Let's see, who's playing the AFC East this year? AFC North and NFC East. Got it... Hey, how'd the Rams slide in there? lol.

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