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    Patriots Cupcake Schedule

    Once again the NFL gifts the Pats with an embarrassing cupcake schedule. They open up the season playing 8 teams in a row who didn’t make the playoffs:

    Week 1: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
    Week 2: at Miami Dolphins
    Week 3: vs. New York Jets
    Week 4: at Buffalo Bills
    Week 5: at Washington Redskins
    Week 6: vs. New York Giants
    Week 7: at Jets
    Week 8: vs. Cleveland Browns

    I mean, are they ever going to have any real competition? It’s downright ridiculous. I get that the AFC East sucks and the other crap in their division needs to get it together, but, jeez Louise, can the league gift them an easier road to the playoffs?

    Do they really need to stack the deck this much in their favor having all these non-playoff teams in a row?

    Out of all the teams, they currently have the easiest strength of schedule.
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