Hi Broncos. I am a Broncos fan from the UK. I have been watching football for years (since 93) and Broncos have always been "my team". I wont claim to be an expert as in the UK, it isnt a national sport & I learn a lot most weeks of the season.
We dont have college football shown, so I cant comment on skill sets etc of draft choices. I rely on websites for info.

From my view, it has been obvious we need a few things. A long term QB being one, a move the ball TE being another. We filled a need by the looks of it. Not one blog / site have bad things to say on Fant. If we are not sold on the QBs this year, lets either - put weapons around Flacco. Get him some protection & see how we go, or fill some needs, get extra picks & grab a better QB next year.

Flacco can win. He has proven it. Ok, the situation may need to be right, but we have given him a new weapon. I'd trade Harris Jr, get a new cornerback & look to protect Flacco... but as I say, Im no expert!