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    Quote Originally Posted by broncos SB2010 View Post
    for us probably. Not in other schemes though. He is about same size was Woodyard and Lavonte David. He could also possibly move to ILB
    He could probably eventually start as an OLB if a team has the patience to develop him there. Although heíd probably make a great 4-3 under SLB where he would get to primarily rush the passer and benefit from 4 down linemen.

    But here heíd probably have to move to ILB which I think after 2 or 3 seasons he could develop into a great ILB. A 4.6 is passable in todayís game, but his burst would make him a true threat especially if asked to play more zone than man. If nothing else pans out he will anchor your special teams unit for the next decade. If thereís such thing as a canít miss late round prospect, Sutton Smith is it for me.

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    If we are just mentioning people with great skills, didnt Montez Sweat run an unbelievable 40?

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