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Lol and weíll all say 15 million is a fair asking just as many did when Osweiler walked for Houston.
Iím actually not worried because who would be a bigger free agent next season other than CHJ?

Nobody, so unlike Osweiler we can tag Harris again.
Harris might be at or near the top of free agent corners, but not the top free agent.

The question the Broncos have to ask themselves is whether or not itís worth it to pay Harris a bunch of money just because itís his turn to get a deal.

Thereís only so much money you can invest in a defense when you want to be a perennial contender.

Harris is a bit old to be building up for Drew Lock, who might not even see the field this season or next.

I hope the Broncos at the very least do let the free agent market set the price for Harris.

They should transition tag him so that other teams might be willing to negotiate with him and they would be guaranteed to have a chance to match.