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True itís hard to value PP at this point in his career. I personally donít think heís worth a 1st round pick. However, he is def worth a 2nd round pick. Depending on what you think CHJ value is worth late 2nd-3rd round picks would determine how high of a pick you also would have to give the cards. That being said, Iíd be okay with giving CHJ and a 3rd.
Honestly, I dont think CHJ value is that high on the trade market. Maybe a 4th. Peterson has become a constant headache for Arizona, and CHJ would give VJ a veteran presence familiar with his "scheme". To me if we trade down to say 15 for an extra 3rd and future 4th. A package of



Lower of our two 3rds
2020 4th

Would be a favorable situation for both parties.