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    Quote Originally Posted by Zanataki View Post
    Lock wanted to go to the Chiefs but he will probably make it his personal goal to blast them any time he plays them. Playing behind Joe Flacco is going to be great for him.
    this didnt even make sense. Mahomes ,if he keeps things up has a min of another 9+ years as the chiefs starter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Al Wilson 4 Mayor View Post
    His website crashed the night of the draft. What he is doing inspiring!
    yea one has to feel bad for the people he will leave behind but you know a guy like this is going to take his charitable attitude to the next level with the platform he has.

    Maybe his bothers and grandma can make a trip to Mile High...who knows

    It is nice to get a great talent and a great person at the same time
    Win lose or tie Bronco fan til I die

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    I wish we didn't go for Lock. I think we can win with Flacco. He has a lot of big game experience and wins for that matter. If Flacco doesn't work out this year we can draft up next year and get a stud in a better draft class for QB's. Not sold on Lock after watching analysis and film, he has a lot of talent but you can't put him in day one because he's a project that may not work out.

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