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Thread: Dre'Mont Jones

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    This pretty much puts the final nail in DeMarcus Walker. Still a slight chance he hits camp, and the light just clicks on. Jones should be interesting, I think we will get some limited positive snaps this year, and next season he will start to blossom. He needs physical work, and technique refinement. Very good tools, and he has already begun the journey of having a pass rushing plan. I would have liked an every down contributor here, but I'm OK with a high impact play guy.
    Jones is 6/3 295, his frame is not maxed out, meaning he could add 10-15 pounds and still be successful.

    Derek Wolfe is 6/5 285, Adam Gotsis is 6/4 287, Malik Jackson was 6/5 290 while in Denver. Again he could add weight if needed to.

    Im confident he will be fine on the inside in Fangios system.
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