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Just a hypothetical, but Elway is now going to have to decide on if Flacco is worth the extra 17M over Lock next year. Nothing propels a team to being highly competitive like a cheap quality starting QB. If we were to move on from Flacco and Leary next year, we would be sitting around 75M in cap space. So next years FAs (including ours) is a lot more interesting look than the draft for me.

If you are looking at a 2 year window of VM and Chubb, then adding Wagner and Grady Jarrett on defense (expensive) may be the way to go. Of course they need to make it to FA 1st. In a situation like this, I would also consider trading the 1st for a guys that fills another hole on his rookie deal, but who knows who may be available via trade.

Point being, if Lock supplants Flacco, you need to maximize the chance to get as much veteran talent around the inexpensive QB as you can.
Leary and Flacco being cut, saves around 28.5 million, OTC without the draft class in, has Denver at 61 million, project 5-6 for the draft picks, and it's around 80+ in cap with those two moves.

But Denver also has alot of free agents that could/would take up some of that money. Like McGovern, CHJ, Parks, Simmons, Gotsis, Wolfe, Shelby. But even if you re-sign 4-5 of those, Denver is still set up pretty well to add in free agency.