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I know we didn't and can't change anything about it but sort of reminiscing of how we could.have resolved our Oline issues instead of going in year 4+ of the same problem.

Ramcyck instead of Bolles
Nelson instead of Chubb
Bradbury instead of Fant
Still draft Risner this year.

Easier said now but crazy to think just a few changes would have resolved this and how each of them were obtainable

LT(FA prob. Maybe Brown), Nelson, Bradbury, Risner, Ramcyck
We were going to go with Ramcyzk over Bolles, but McCoy approached Elway at the 12th hour pounding the table for GB.

I disagree on Nelson over Chubb, but it is what it is.

Jury is still out on the rest IMO.