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Imagine actually believing this. Setting yourself up for surefire disappointment, not at all dissimilar from Keenum last year. Flacco's arm strength us average at best at this point in his career. His hip, throwing shoulder, plant knee, and back injuries have clearly taken their toll.
Have you actually watched Flacco play? It seems like you only looked up his stats. The problem your having selling your “Flacco sucks” drivel is some of us Have watched him play. And unfortunately for you we all got to,see him play against our Broncos last year. In that game Flacco was the best QB on the field...hands down. It wasn’t even close. Superior arm talent over Keenum all day long and twice on Sunday.
If you want to say that he isn’t a tier 1 Qb...fine. That’s reasonable and most agree. But to say he has no arm strength left, he’s not even better than Keenum, etc etc, just makes it look sound like you have a personal axe to grind and haven’t even taken the time to watch him play.
He isnt Brady. He isnt Brees. But he’s a straight up legitimate starting NFL QB. Something we didn’t have last year.