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    The starting Quarterback

    "The three players creating the most buzz at Broncos camp:

    The QB. It gets easier to evaluate wide receiver talent when a quarterback is consistently putting balls on the money in every area of the field, and that’s what he has done so far in team scenarios. He has been impressive in his command of the offense and his understanding of the defense. For the first time since Peyton Manning commanded the huddle, there’s a clear-cut QB1 in Denver, which is music to teammate’s ears. “He’s a great quarterback, from what we’ve seen so far,” a player says. “We haven’t had a QB of this caliber here in the last few years—just being honest, no shade. He’s next-level, definitely worth the money. He’s very accurate, he’s a leader. He commands the huddle. He diagnoses what we’re doing, makes checks and everything. We're gonna rally around him this year and make that push. We haven’t had anybody with that kind of experience since Peyton.”

    The Denver Broncos last season were saddled with a turnover-prone, mistake-filled offense that left their formidable defense in one fix after another.

    The core troubles began under center, with the QB postion producing more turnovers than every team in the league outside of Cleveland.

    The arrival of a veteran passer, though, has players on both sides of the ball optimistic about this year's operation.

    "Our offense is way better than they were last year," cornerback Chris Harris Jr. told the team's official website. "With him under center, he's throwing great balls, he's had great accuracy all of camp.

    "I feel like he and the recievers are clicking right now, and I expect them to put up points. I don't see anybody just shutting them down like that with our receivers that we got. Our O-line is way better. I see them putting up points. At least 30 a game."

    "People underestimate how he can move in the pocket," Harris said. "He has great mobility in the pocket. He finds the open hole. He can make all the throws. Man, I'm excited to have him as our quarterback this year from what he's shown us in training camp.

    "I think everybody is excited. We love being the underdog. Everybody's sleeping on us. I wouldn't sleep on us too much no more. Not with our quarterback."
    Good stuff. I've seen these articles posted elsewhere Bronco fans communicate, with their immediate reactions being:

    We found our Jake Plummer <3
    Then from the fan who followed said QB from his last team"

    Been tryna tell ya
    All this tells me is we upgraded. How much is the real question.
    And the ever optimistic

    i feel like we goin' super bowl, boys.

    This x10, he's without a doubt a huge upgrade
    And then...

    he isn't really that much of an upgrade. Watching his last few years of games will tell you that. Keep your expectations low, he has performed well at times in the past but that is not who he is
    That final quote was me, and the QB everyone was discussing was Case Keenum.

    We did not upgrade moving from Keenum to Flacco. It is a lateral movement from one poor QB to another.

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    Between here and reddit though, I'm not sure i've ever seen you be optimistic about a QB so...I'll wait and see what happens going forward.

    The team is upgraded, no we didn't go grab the next Peyton Manning, but we grabbed someone who can throw down the field when needed, manage the ball and keep our defense in football games. Our defense and running game will be the ones expected to carry this team.

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    Awesome. Another thread for you to repeat all your Flacco hate. Really excited to see where this goes

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    LOL, you should be a fan for the other AFC teams pwn. Not the Broncos. You could better serve the Broncos by diluting the "competitor" in the other teams fan base. Demoralize, divide and conquer. I think you have it down to a fine science now pwn.

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    This thread topic has been / is being discussed in other threads.

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