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Theyíll hail the Chargersí offseason acquisitions as superior. Theyíll call Philip Rivers an ageless wonder. Yet thereís one team in the AFC West that improved in an area that never gets enough credit: coaching.

If you look at the lack of success other teams have had in the AFC West over the last several seasons, the biggest downfall has been coaching. Itís hard to coach against the Chiefsí Andy Reid, who ranks in the top 10 in NFL history in all-time wins for a reason. Coaching will be the biggest reason why a team in the AFC West threatens the Chiefs title in 2019, and that team isnít the Chargers.
While I appreciate the optimism over a new HC, itís just as likely Fangio is Wade Phillips as he is BB. Both great D-Coordinators, but only 1 turned out to be a great HC.

The NFL is littered with great coordinators who couldnít cut it as HC. No blemish on those gentlemen, itís simply a different beast.