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    Hey all,

    It's getting to be that time of year again, where it's not quite football season, but close enough to start talking about fantasy football! That and maybe I just like to copy EM... if he's doing it, I might as well do it too.

    Below is a list of last years members/team names. I see a couple of guys from our division have already mentioned in other threads that they're in for another season, so I've got you guys counted as in already! Everyone else, you have plenty of time. I don't typically start harassing people with PM's to see if their returning until late July or early August. I'll usually give you a couple opportunities to say "No" before I take someone from the waitlist due no response.

    If you're returning you can either post your response here, or PM me ... I have bolded those who I've already counted as in.

    Looking forward to a great season, once it rolls around!

    one last thing... if you guys ever want to change our division name, let me know.

    Sophia - Shutdown Corner

    MarkB - Von Wick
    Johntbronco - The Mad Capper
    Blondie79 - sacks in the city
Beastlyskronk - Check back next week

    Baph - Donkey Decapitators
Elway421 - The Dude’s Hammer
    BrianMcfarlane - The Mighty Rockies
    Taz1458 - Mile High Salute
    BroncosFaninPA - 58ItsMillerTime

    Danzler88 - Bodega Belichick
    CanDB - True North

    All have checked in.
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