It's the offseason so here's a list of teams ranked by the franchise QBs during their history.

After a grueling deep dive into each NFL team's history to identify their franchise QBs of the common-draft era, there's only one reasonable thing left to do: rank 'em! As a reminder, only pro quarterbacks who started at least 48 games with a team since 1967 were eligible for consideration. Each passer who met that minimum threshold also needed to satisfy two of the following three requirements:

1) Winning regular-season record.
2) Minimum passer rating of 75.0.
3) At least one Pro Bowl selection.

And just so we're all operating under the same parameters, note that Pro Bowl totals below include AFL All-Star Game selections, while Super Bowl ring totals only include titles won as the team's starting quarterback.

Enough with the rules. Let's go!
For the regular or semi-regular smackers here:

Bears were 31st... no surprise as they're know for their defense and Sweetness. The article was written by a Bears fan.

Chargers were 10th, Raiders were 7th, Patriots were 6th, Broncos were 5th.

Raiders surprisingly had the most number of QBs that fit the criteria. (6)

The Packers would've been #1 if Bart Starr was eligible.

Do you agree with the list or at the very least do you agree with the Top 10?