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    New York to Golden Colorado

    Hey everyone ! Have a job opportunity to make a move from New York to Golden, Colorado. Donít really love it here in New York but have loved Denver each time I have visited. Iím planning a trip to check out golden but i am curious of how the city is?! How is the crime rate also the price of living. Any information helps. Thank you!

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    I had lived in the Denver area for 56 years, I did move almost a year ago. Golden is a suburb of Denver - just in case you did not know - it is a relatively small town/city just west of Denver, maybe 7 miles west of Denver city limits. The Denver area is a hot real estate market, prices have probably doubled in the last 5 years. Relative to New York city (not sure about New York state) Golden/Denver's housing is less expensive (probably can get a modest house for ~$430,000) but it is not cheap. Rent is expensive, IMO, probably looking at least ~$2200/month for a decent house, not much less for an apartment... could easily pay more. Lakewood, that is just east of Golden - between Golden and Denver - has a little less expensive housing. The Golden area has always been a great place to live with low crime and right next to mountains, it might be difficult to find a place though.

    Utilities are relatively inexpensive but, depending on where you live in the area, water can be high (100.00/month in a house). I would imagine the cost of living overall in Denver/Golden area would be less expensive than New York overall. Public transportation is available but not as convenient as New York probably is. Access to Denver is fairly easy from Golden.

    I would rather still be living in Colorado, great place to live but I could not resist cashing in on my home's value - double what I had paid for it - problem is I can't buy another place without using most of the money I got out of it. So I bought a house in a small town for about 1/3 of the cost.

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