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    I realize the stadium name has great value and if Mr B thought about it he probably would have specifically said NOT to do this.

    We should do it for a small amount of time regardless. Suggest 1 season but it would be nice for least 1 month of regular season games.

    Mr B has earned it.

    I am certain I would not love the Broncos as much as I do if Mr B was not the owner for all those decades.
    Win lose or tie Bronco fan til I die

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    I wonder if this is important to us fans only,
    or does anyone know if past or present players
    have contributed to the funds required for such
    a wonderful gesture?

    If not, maybe the players can outbid/donate each other.

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    I have a much better idea. Pat Bowlen had a reputation of being both friendly and fair with players. Why not name a portion of the stadium in his honour rather than look at a temporary piece. My two suggestions are:

    1. The square and entrance way to the stadium: Pat Bowlen Square


    2. The players locker room area(s): Pat Bowlen Locker Room & Player(s) Space

    I think both of these spaces in the stadium reflect the type of owner Pat was (welcoming and genuine) and I also think both of these spaces could remain in his name for the foreseeable future. The entire stadium naming rights I can ensure you would not be what PAT would want. He understood the value of TV & Naming rights so he'd want the Broncos to aggressively go after a long-term sponsor. IMO - any sponsor seriously considering naming rights would almost certainly NOT proceed if we renamed the stadium in Pat's honour. It would bring quite a bit of negative PR when they'd eventually remove Pat's name.

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