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    FF Div I -- 2019

    I'm taking this from last year's thread. Please confirm if you are participating again this year.

    Also, because of Jake's busy schedule, he will not be able to continue being commish. If you would like to volunteer, please let me know (in this thread or by PM). I over-see the games, so that is not a position I want. Thanks.

    1. -Rod-
    2. Thors Hammer
    3. Peanut
    4. Jaws
    5. RealBronco
    6. DevilSpawn
    7. dipablo
    8. Freyaka
    9. haciendadad
    10. Ringo56
    11. broncos SB2010
    12. EvertonBroncos

    Bolded have confirmed.
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