I am excited to see this new team play and I have can see the potential assuming everyone plays up to their potential, but there is a lot of prognosticators and even local radio personalities, ex-Broncos too, that see the talent on this team as a groups in the lower third. Yeah, there are some stand out players in a position, but if you look at the position group they are considered bottom tier. Maybe, I am just being an optimist but I guess I need to take off the glasses and start to realize we are still probably a couple of seasons/drafts away from getting a team that is a serious SB contender. I can't blame Elway and company for their last couple of years' drafts but those few before that has really set us back. Hopefully, this defense can give us a chance for respectability but then there is that weak area, down the middle, that can be exploited. What are the chances that this team can prove everyone wrong? As far as winning record, are we taking a step back this year?