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Maybe this is being driven by his agent - not sure. Even if we assume this is a move by his agent, Lock would have to go along with it. I havenít studied his agent, so maybe this is a common tactic? From everything Iíve read about Lock, his work ethic and commitment were very strong at Missouri. Development aside, I thought the guy was going to report to camp Day 1 and get to work to earn the backup role. These things usually get sorted out but he needs the work. Maybe itís just a new era with demanding more pay without having earned it. There are unique circumstances with contact language that warrant negotiations, but this seems like a grab for money. I hope he develops into a great quarterback however this move strikes me the wrong way.
He can't exceed his allocated draft amount. More than likely it's language and guranteed money. The next play is not a given in this league, ask Alex Smit or Kendrick Norton. Why does it strike you the wrong way?