Fangio is one of the best at the defensive side of the ball. he is known for being able to disguise coverages well. he has had some nasty fronts and rusher. Jason Smith and Aldon Smith in San Francisco. he has lead a top defense fora long time now. even in the early point of fox he had the defense looking better. i have been reading on fangio he was in nickle one of the highest amounts of any one in the nfl. so i wouldn't be surprised to see us run with 2 down line men 4 lbers and 5 dbs alot, expecially with the depth we have at S. i feel like jackson parks or simmons could work into the nickle more of a box safety. i am kinda expecting us to run alot of one gap 2 line men conspecs that would have like 4-3 type feel with an extra safety. i feel like we should be able to rush the passer which has made Yiadom look decent. i feel like Yiadom and Bausby may actually be able to develope into starting caliber players. they will for sure make the team with callahan has the nickle mainly