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Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini and Fidel Castro all achieved far more than you ever will and like your team, they were the scum of the earth, however would you bow down to them?

The broncos kept your team from possibly 3 straight super bowl title (even though the pansies most likely cheated to be there). The broncos have always beat your cheaters when it counted the most.

Again why In the hell would anyone bow down to your cheating pansies?
Because fans of inferior teams should be in awe of NE...which is basically 31 other NFL fanbases.

And you did not prevent us from 3 peating in 2005...NE was not that good and would have lost to Pittsburgh. But keep telling yourself that the 2005 Pats were a dominant team to make you feel better...

Now tell me, what have the Broncos done since 1998 other than 1 super bowl title?