Football is back! I missed all of my fellow broncomaniacs around here. I always take an off-season off with the guys but check in every now and then. So I didn't see a thread on this topic and if there is one forgive me you can merge it if that's the case.

Okay now to the good stuff. Realistically, Weat in y'alls mind is a successful season for the broncos this year? Back to back losing seasons under VJ, left all of us fans in uncharted territory.

Elway made changes, some good and some bad but to me i give him credit he's trying hard to get us competitive and I thought he had a decent draft with an exception to lock but that's a story for another time, being realistic a successful season to me is at least 8 wins. I'm not expecting playoffs, we have a tough division and I feel like we would need 11 plus wins to keep pace with the chargers and the chiefs.

I mainly would like to see us become competitive again. Maybe my out look will be looked at negatively but I'm not meaning for it to be.

I kind of look at divisions as who have the best QB and I rank the teams accordingly. If i look at ours I would say...maholmes 1 Rivers 2 and between Flacco and Carr well 3a and 3b which is which? I'm not sure Carr took a step back last year but if he got back to form I would put him over Flacco.

Then I look at defenses which in my opinion, I'd be hard pressed to not put the chargers at 1a with us being maybe 1b raiders 3 Kc 4. The reason this is important for me is because the team with the best defense in the division usually give your team the chance to win and pull an upset even against teams with great qbs.

I can break down different stats but I'll save it for a different thread as I kind of got off track.

I think we have improved just on an x's and o's standpoint alone. The coaching staff is upgraded and we have a somewhat better QB in my opinion than we've had, but is it enough to get us to 11 wins? I don't think so. Of course none of us will know until the season kicks off and we have played a few games.

So I would love to hear thoughts from most of you. Where are the broncos at realistically in your opinion? I was listening to Sirius XM and while I love all my Broncos fans I think a caller said he'd be shocked if the brincos didn't finish the season at 12-4. I say pump the breaks that's being way to overly optimistic but I've been known to be wrong plenty of times. If his prediction held water I'd love that I just don't see it so I'm turning to you all to see what you think.

Thanks for the time to reply and again I missed all of you guys and girls. Here's to a good season ahead!!!!