Realistic? Very tough division, arguably the toughest this year, so breaking even or having a winning season would be achievable with what I saw of the first stringers last night, but our depth? It is there where I want to see a successful season, to see it all start to click under Fangio, the team gelling and the youth establishing themselves as the core of the future solid team.

Von said it best in an interview before the game last night, where he said (Paraphrased) "The efforts of a rookie, driven to make the team, needs to be shown by the vets as well. That all members on the team need to play with the same vision, goal, and intensity. That is what makes a team. I experienced that the year we won the Superbowl, all in sync with the same mindset and intensity..."

It is this, that if the Bronco's attain this year, a unity not seen since the SB year, I will consider a successful year and one that sets us up to be a strong competitor for the division in the coming years.