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    Doesn't It Feel A Bit Better When Others Share The Same Concerns

    There's an old saying, "Misery enjoys company", that resonates from time to time, although for the most part, it is limited in practice. Most of my concerns are not in the "misery" category, though I believe there is some exaggeration in the wording. On a lesser scale of anguish, but one that does impact one's mindset, I typically concur that it is good to know that others have experienced the same issues. And why that's important is because it can help a person find the answers they are looking for. Others can share their experiences, mentor as required, and definitely be a source of comfort, to help you get through whatever it is that is blocking your path.

    Sometimes folks, like me, wonder if we are quite isolated in terms of the anguish we feel. And this can be multiplied in effect, if a person is dealing with several significant difficulties. I call it being overwhelmed, at which time things can get a bit blurry. It gets harder and harder to deal with everything at once, which can weigh us down faster and further, because the weight seems too heavy.

    I still believe that the best way to help yourself out of such mental challenges is to separate each problem area, and to build a plan accordingly. The plan usually includes definition of the problem, options to solve it, and then specific tasks to make the situation better. You can not typically solve all problems simultaneously, especially when you drift into that "blur" I mention. But by dealing with each item on its own, and having a plan for each, I believe a person can rest easier knowing that they can slowly but surely find their way above water. I have often felt the load diminish as I addressed each problem, and could usually sleep much better knowing that this temporary mess had an end in sight.

    And I will preface some of my commentary with the hard fact that some issues are very, very difficult. I can not even suggest that solutions are waiting to be had. Like most things in life, I believe we can manage a high % of what is piled on us, but I am not here to say that everything is that simple. I hope that even the smallest thread of light can be visible, through the darkest of hours.

    Which brings me back to the "sharing" part. I firmly believe that most of us do not like feeling like we have unique problems. That is why it is such a relief when others provide insight as to their experiences of a similar nature, and that solutions are within reach. And I also feel like we are a sharing community, and that we are motivated when others make us feel less alone. That we are not different, other than different in ways we appreciate. Having a unique identity is cool. But having unique problems can be troubling. That is when others can lighten the load with common purpose, and tales of similar paths having been taken.

    In fact, I find an immediate sense of hope as soon as another person opens up to me. As I mentioned, some weight is immediately lifted. Options arise. Solutions are within grasp. Even just knowing that others feel the same feelings can be redeeming.

    On the other side of this equation, I like to help others. And I especially like to help folks who are looking for such support, and perhaps, guidance. If you ever feel the need, I am cool with pms.

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    I'm not the most sharing person in person, but more so sometimes online. I do think it makes a difference when dealing with something tough to know how many others share similar difficulties. Makes it seem like not such a big deal... I'm not really a negative person but know I sometimes vent a bit too much at work, but feel relief by so many others who can relate ...

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