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    Quote Originally Posted by 58Miller View Post
    I didnít say thatís why i wanted him coddled, i want him to be our QB of the future and this offense will go through a learning process under a first year OC. Let all that play out and then let Lock play.
    All good. Iím just pleased to see Lockís improvement over camp and preseason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fantaztic7 View Post
    All good. Iím just pleased to see Lockís improvement over camp and preseason.
    I am too, and I look forward to the Lock era in Denver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fraguela09 View Post
    During the common draft era (back to 1960s).... 71 QBs selected in top 10 picks.... 69 of them started at least 1 game their rookie year. Only Carson Palmer and Kelly Stoufer didn’t start a single game their rookie years.

    Palmer won Heisman and should’ve started... but we are talking about the Bengals. Stouffer refused to sign with St Louis.

    The myth of the red shirt year not applicable to lottery QBs.

    So, like Rodgers, Brees and Russell.... better to be drafted outside lottery, with lower expectations?

    If Drew Lock is selected with the 10th pick (instead of top of second round).... does this stunt his development?
    I just want to see a spark. Remember when Willson came to mile high his rookie pre season and torched our first team defense?

    Im not giving up on Lock but the kids not a special talent

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    Preseason is a time to learn, players need to learn new things, coaches need to learn things, and collectively they need to learn how to WIN games in the NFL, preseason games and regular season games as well. Its time to bring back the culture of Winning games.
    And it needs to start ASAP.


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